Saturday, March 19, 2011

Snap Out Of It Songs - March 2011

Ever been in the middle of a really bad day and then you hear a song that completely pulls you out of your black mood and sets things right again? It might make you laugh or maybe just listening to it neutralizes the anger bubbling just beneath the surface. Maybe it helps you remember that you can choose not to let things get to you. Whatever it is, these are some of the songs that help me snap out of it.

  • No More Hotdogs - Hasil Adkins
    His cackling is infectious.
  • Pussy - Rammstein
    Add to the hi-larious lyrics the image of Till pointing a penis shaped cannon at the audience at the Big Day Out, and this will get me smiling every time.
  • Worm tamer - Grinderman
    Actually most Nick Cave will do it. So long as it's loud. You go into this song one way, it beats you, spins you around, smacks you upside the head and spits you out with a different perspective.
  • No Fun - The Stooges
    Somehow singing about not having any fun... is fun! Also, memories of seeing him sing this live. Priceless.
  • Nowhere Fast - Fire Inc. (Streets of Fire Soundtrack)
    Fist-pumping awesomeness. I really want someone cool to cover this song. Not that Fire Inc. aren't cool, but they aren't a real band.
  • Good Guys Don't Wear White - Minor Threat
    Again, a lot of Minor Threat will work, but this song in particular makes me smile.
  • Anthem - Cock Sparrer
    My inner-angsty-teen is all over this song. I'd like to see a bunch of old-school punks get together and cover this for charity.
  • So He Won't Break - The Black Keys
    I think its the base in this one. Gets me boppin' (on the train, or course). Can't be unhappy and bop at the same time. Doesn't work.
  • Gratitude - Oingo Boingo
    More boppin', I think. And if you're in a place where you can sing along it works twice as well.
  • Call It Mine - The Saints
    I find the lead guitar line in this quite soothing. It's not a short song, so I feel like I can just fall into it.
So that's 10. In a few months time, I'll do this list again. I'm interested to see what songs still have that affect on me and which ones I've moved on from.

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