Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Music Movies - The Heart is a Drum Machine

I watched The Heart is a Drum Machine today. Fi-hi-HI-nally.

Dudes... You all need to watch this film. If you're reading a blog that someone has dedicated to music, then you're interested in music enough to get a lot out of this film. God know, I did.

Lemme backtrack. The Heart is a Drum Machine is a documentary that asks the question "What is music?" from a list of incredibly interesting people. Some are musicians, some are scientists, and the responses are varied (naturally) and fascinating.

There's a segment about deaf musicians where they describe how they can tell when they are out of tune and how they feel the music. There's a woman describing how certain frequencies of music can calm the brain, or that listening to fast-paced, loud music can act as an anti-depressant (that explains a lot for me). There's a musicologist talking about the idea that music could emotionally effect a person was a source of fear for people.

I can't picture not having music, it's always been an incredibly important part of my life, but I've never really questioned why it has so much power over me. One song has the ability to completely change my day. I also can't imagine that being scary.

Hmmm. I need to process this and rewatch. Expect other posts to come from this.

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