Monday, February 21, 2011

Lets get this show on the road!!

Howdy kids!
This is a new blog from the creator of the blog Rach On Film and the podcast GoF Radio. Now, if may not be obvious to some, but those two outlets are dedicated to film. Whilst my love of film is never-ending, I also have a deep affection for music and have found myself lacking a solid area for displaying this love.

Hence, Rach on Tunez! This blog will simply be my area to talk about music I love, how I found it, what's new (occasionally) and other randomness involved in my music exploration. My taste is eclectic and open, so if you have suggestions I am always listening.

Except to Nickelback. I fucking hate Nickelback.


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  2. mispelled some stuff!

    amen to the N$%#KL& %*CK comment and excuse me for not spelling out that abominations name!